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Teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening.

Modern dentistry offers new possibilities for safe and effective teeth whitening for your perfect smile.!

If you are not satisfied with the color of your teeth and dream of a snow-white smile, contact the Dentistry DM clinic! Thanks to the new possibilities of aesthetic dentistry, you will soon become the owner of the perfect smile..

Whitening in just 1 visit will give you the opportunity to smile dazzlingly!

Modern technologies and equipment of the clinic allow our specialists to quickly, comfortably, and most importantly, effectively carry out teeth whitening in St. Petersburg. As a result, our patients get the snow-white Hollywood smile they dreamed of..

Benefits of professional whitening.

Fast. Just 1 visit lasting 1-2 hours is enough. Effectively. As a result of the procedure, the enamel is lightened by an average of 8-10 tones. Comfortable. During whitening, you do not experience any discomfort or inconvenience.

Types of teeth whitening.

Laser. The procedure allows you to whiten your teeth by 8-12 tones in 1 session. This system not only does not damage the enamel, but also contributes to its strengthening by 25-35%. The method of laser exposure is considered the most effective and safest way of professional brightening of enamel with an optimal ratio of price and quality..

Lamp. The main advantage of this system is the absence of lamp heating when a special whitening gel is activated. Has a gentle and harmless formula, without affecting the deep tissues of the tooth. Brightens teeth by 8-10 tones.

Homemade. The method is specially designed for people with thin enamel and sensitive teeth and provides lightening up to 10 tones. Numerous clinical studies prove that there is no negative effect on tooth enamel when used..

Teeth whitening prices.

Especially for you, we have collected the prices for teeth whitening of “DM Dentistry”. The cost depends on the chosen lighting system. ↓

Services Duration Cost Consultation with a dentist i 1 visit Free Laser whitening JW byHeydent (Germany) 1 tooth i 1 visit 1 045 ₽ Whitening Zoom 4 White Speed ​​i 1 visit 25 000 ₽ 18 000 ₽ Promotion Home whitening for 2 jaws i 1 course 11 550 ₽ In-ear whitening i 1 visit 1 760 ₽

Find out the price of solving your problem right now ↓

Find out the cost now.

Leave your phone number, we will call you back shortly and answer all your questions.

Specialist advice.

If you have any questions, please contact our specialists. They will always give useful advice and the necessary recommendations.!

Nagornaya Tatiana Alexandrovna.

Why is it better to choose professional whitening?

Professional clinical whitening is the best and safest solution! The latest generation systems do not injure even the most sensitive enamel and effectively brighten the teeth, and in the case of using the laser method, they even strengthen it..

Also, the independent use of home complexes for lightening is not recommended. Without the supervision of a specialist, you can not achieve the desired effect and damage the enamel.

Before the whitening procedure, a professional teeth cleaning is required. This ensures effective brightening and long-lasting results..

Follow all the doctor’s recommendations and act under his supervision, and your smile will be dazzling and flawless.!

Whitening promotions and discounts.

A smile like that of Hollywood stars is also available in St. Petersburg at the Dentistry DM clinic. We present you promotions and special offers for teeth whitening ↓

White smile with Zoom 4 professional whitening.

The promotion is valid until June 30.

On the first check for all dental services.

The promotion is valid until June 30.

Even more discounts and promotions on our social networks.

Subscribe to our accounts, follow the latest news and ask questions. We are always glad to meet new people and communicate with you! Our hashtag #DMSTOMATOLOGIYA.

Our specialists.

Neiman Olga Nikolaevna.

Nagornaya Tatiana Alexandrovna.

Your first visit to the clinic “Stomatology DM” is a free consultation of our doctors.

Sign up for a free consultation with the specialists of the DM Dentistry Center by phone or order a call back, and we will call you back at a convenient time for you. All doctors.


Tell me if the whitening procedure will help to get rid of coffee traces. I drink a lot of it and the color of my teeth has changed a lot.

Svetlana, good afternoon. Depending on the chosen system, teeth can be whitened up to 8-12 tones. All discoloration of the enamel disappears, including traces of coffee and tea. Come to us for a consultation, and our doctor will select the most effective method for you..

Hello. I am not satisfied with the color of my teeth, I would like to do whitening. As the view is the best?

Dentist therapist, pediatric dentist.

Good afternoon, Ekaterina. We use the safest modern teeth whitening systems. Most patients are recommended the laser method, which whitens enamel up to 12 tones in 1 session. Come for a free consultation at the DM Dentistry clinic, and our specialist will advise you on the best method for solving the problem.

Teeth whitening reviews.

Inna Minaeva.

Thanks to Dentistry DM for a gorgeous smile! I have long wanted to lighten my teeth, but I didn’t dare, but the doctor calmed me down and recommended a laser procedure. Quickly and doesn’t hurt at all. Now I am the owner of a truly Hollywood smile!)

August 16, 2019.

Quality and Service Manager.

Inna, good afternoon. Thank you for your pleasant review and wish you more reasons to smile!


I am very pleased with the teeth whitening at DM Dentistry! The teeth became much whiter and more attractive, and the color did not suit me at all before. Thank you!

May 2, 2019.

Quality and Service Manager.

Good afternoon, Irina! Thank you for your feedback. We were glad to help you!

It’s easy to start treatment.

Make an appointment for your first dental health consultation at the Dentistry DM clinic by phone. Several reasons to make an appointment right now:

Professional advice from a competent specialist on issues of any complexity. The exact final cost, taking into account the clinical situation, the amount of work and your wishes. Profitable! The first appeal and consultation of a specialist “Dentistry DM” – free of charge!

Get a consultation.

Get a specialist consultation and calculation of the preliminary cost of treatment by filling out the form below ↓

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