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Street Led lamps.

Street Led Lights.

Street LED lamps: how not to make the wrong choice.

Street LED lamps are used to illuminate open areas and illuminate elements of outdoor design.

Functional LED street light illuminates stairs, paths, streets for your safety and convenience in the evening.

Installing multiple lamps can help match the design of your home, garden, or backyard. A properly selected lamp will draw attention to the elements of outdoor decor, the facade of a building, a stand, garden sculptures, a fountain, a pool or a gazebo – all you need to do is direct a beam of light to the place of the selected object.

What are LED street lights?.

Lighting devices are distinguished depending on the function performed:

• The soft light of the decorative lamp is suitable for illuminating outdoor decor elements. Such lighting will not be too bright, while illuminating small objects in the evening. • Functional lamps are used to illuminate large areas: gardens and squares. To illuminate paths and streets, they take console lamps that are placed on poles: even a small number of such lamps will illuminate a long alley or path. To illuminate the facade of a large house, the entrance to the building – choose LED floodlights.

The model of a street decorative LED lantern has a low power, its brightness is insufficient to illuminate the courtyard, street, parking area, and industrial use. A functional lantern, not suitable for lighting decor – too bright light interferes with seeing the details of a statue or decorative facade, distorts the colors and shape of the illuminated object. For those around you, a powerful blinding light will become an irritant..

Street LED luminaires are of different types:

• LED floodlight – for illumination of billboards, facades and illumination of large territories, such as stadiums, airports, construction sites; • Console lamp – for illumination of low buildings, paths, gardens, parks and driveways. Manufacturers offer various mounting options for lighting fixtures:

• Recessed luminaires are installed in the floor covering of the gazebo, in the ground and in garden paths. • Suspended – fixed to a ceiling or similar structure. • Cantilever – replacement for a street lamp, they are attached to the pole. • LED floodlights – fixed on the walls of a house, warehouse, workshop and other tall buildings. Recommendations for choosing outdoor LED lamps for a garden, office centers, home When choosing lighting equipment, it is important to take into account the factor of its operation and purpose: • Functionality Decide on the purpose of using the lamp. For example, lighting a large area, as a street lamp or as a backlight for decorations. • Resistance to moisture and dust There are several degrees of protection for LED street lighting, you can buy the necessary device by paying attention to the IP-index: IP 43 – protected from rain, but not protected from dust; IP 44 – protected from splashing liquids, but not protected from dust; IP 54 – splash proof, with increased dust resistance; IP 65 – protected from water jets and dust; IP 66 – protected from external influences of water and dust; IP 67 – protected from water (waterproof for a short period) and dust; IP 68 – completely dustproof and waterproof.

• Appearance Various materials are used for the manufacture of the luminaire body: metal or plastic. Many companies produce lighting fixtures in different colors, with different body shapes and decorative elements..

Features of the operation of LED street lamps.

LED luminaires are sensitive to electrical current surges. In order for outdoor LED lighting to be uninterrupted, it is important to take care of neutralizing the influence of electrical shock and mechanical stress.,

Depending on the characteristics of LED street lamps with LED lamps, the price of lighting fixtures is different. Many buyers choose lighting equipment, the potential of which is not used even by half..

To avoid unnecessary expenses, contact the manager of our online store. A polite consultant will help you correctly determine the power, dimensions and degree of protection of the device for home, office or enterprise, order a lamp from our range, arrange delivery to a convenient address for you, taking into account all your wishes.

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