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Sanyo TV 42LM4WPN.

Sanyo 42LM4WPN TV.

IFA 2021 was planned for early September in Berlin. But, the organizers made a difficult decision: this year the IFA will not take place. Eh, we will miss her.

Hisense laser TVs work in DNS.

You can now see how Hisense laser TV works in DNS stores throughout Russia, where special brand zones are equipped. I wonder if they will be broadcasting EURO 2020 football matches, which will start very soon? If yes, then brand zones in DNS will become very popular.

EURO 2020 – get a ticket from Hisense.

In June 2021, there is a chance to buy a Hisense Laser TV 100L5F at a discount and get a ticket to EURO 2020, which is held in the summer of 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The model began to be sold in M.Video and Eldorado networks, both in retail stores and in online platforms of two brands. Hurry up, the promotion will end soon.

LG SIGNATURE OLED R TV: Unfold and Watch.

The world’s first roll-up TV LG SIGNATURE OLED R was presented by LG at the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (Pushkin Museum). There were also announced new stages of the project of cooperation between LG SIGNATURE and the Pushkin Museum, which meets the goals of the digital direction of the national project “Culture” and is implemented with the information support of ANO “National Priorities”.

Hisense donates tickets for the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship.

The European Football Championship 2020 will take place this summer. Want to get to the matches? Has Hisense raffled off and even donated tickets? Conditions of the promotion inside. Click and participate!

TV Tests.

Harper 50U660TS TV: large panel with a cinema picture.

Today we are testing the Harper 50U660TS TV: a smart TV with a 50-inch screen and 4K resolution. Its main goal is to become the center of multimedia entertainment in the home. This model may well work as a dashboard – for example, in a catering, school or healthcare facility. The 4K menu for lunch will look especially appetizing, and the electronic queue to the doctor will save visitors from the hustle and bustle in the clinic … So, a budget TV with a large screen will be of interest to many: for home, family and business.

Harper 49U750TS TV: we open the premium segment at an affordable price.

Probably, everyone had such a situation: a top-end smartphone, camera or TV has already appeared on sale, but the purchase of a flagship has to be postponed, because our desires do not always coincide with our capabilities. But with this flagship, I think there will be a different situation. Today, 4K Smart TV Harper 49U750TS came to us for review, which for a very affordable price brings a real premium segment to the masses: a large screen diagonal, ultra-high resolution and a good set of Smart options typical for very expensive devices. We just have to make sure that sometimes this logic is also valid: you pay less, but you get more.!

Harper 32R575T test: just a TV for home and garden.

In Soviet times, it was difficult to find any TV in the store. And now it is difficult to find the simplest and most common one – without 3D, without Smart, without Internet access and without Wi-Fi … And at a remote dacha, where a mobile phone does not always ring, sometimes just such a TV receiver is required. Why overpay for unnecessary features? Who is looking for just such a model, I can tell you: take a closer look at the Harper 32R575T TV – a rare nowadays kind of ordinary TV, which is perfect for a summer residence or as a second TV in the kitchen, and maybe as a first one – for elderly people who have newfangled bells and whistles and are not needed for nothing.

Harper 43F660TS TV test drive: at the very epicenter of home entertainment.

Another Harper 43F660TS TV arrived for our test, which turned out to be a quite classic smart model based on Android with a diagonal of 43 inches and FullHD resolution, cWiFi and other set of popular services. Despite the presence of all modern functions (perhaps only 3D is missing), the TV belongs to the budget category: its cost is noticeably lower than the analogs of famous brands – by about 30-50 percent. We are faced with an obvious task: to check a quality new TV with an average diagonal for all basic functions. Are there any tricks behind the lower price?

Harper 42F670T2S Smart TV test: this is a completely different OperaTV!

Remember the new name – the HARPER company. TVs under this brand have been sold in Russia and the CIS countries (for example, in Kazakhstan) for several years, but only this year the presence of this brand on the Russian market can no longer be ignored. Today we are testing the HARPER 42F670T2S Smart TV – with a FullHD matrix, with WiFi connection and with a digital tuner DVB-T2 (T / C). Of modern technologies, only the 3D function is missing here. But the price of the novelty is pleasant in all respects, only about 20 thousand rubles.

TV Reviews.

Roskachestvo has updated the rating of TVs. The leading positions were taken by devices of the same brand.

Roskachestvo together with the International Assembly of Consumer Testing Organizations (ICRT) presented an updated TV rating, which added 21 models this spring.

Home appliances: 10 bright new products for 2020.

What household appliances of the first half of 2020 became the most popular among Russian consumers? We have selected 10 new products: refrigerator, microwave oven, airfryer, hand blender, coffee machine, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, hair straightener, smart home and TV. Want to know more?

TOP 10 most interesting new LG products.

We present to your attention the TOP 10 most unexpected and interesting new LG products in 2019.They will create a trend and delight us in the new 2020..

TV is still the most important piece of equipment in the living room..

In April 2019, Sony conducted a study “Living Room Evolution”, and found out how much people spend on average in front of the TV screen, in what format they prefer to watch programs and how things are with the issue of fathers and children..

GfK: Sony BRAVIA TVs in the TOP-5 of the best selling in Russia.

According to GfK research, one of the main growth points for TV sales this year is the segment with 4K resolution, the demand for which has grown by more than 10% compared to last year, which exceeds the average demand for the TV market as a whole. Buyers, when changing their TV not because of a breakdown, but rather with the aim of improving, pay attention to the image quality.

TV Tips.

3 life hacks from LG for a successful quarantine.

We sit at home. Well, as we sit: parents work, children study – everyone is busy. How not to interfere with each other and properly organize all the processes? LG appliances – LG OLED AI ThinQ TVs, LG XBOOM AI speaker and LG ThinQ smartphone app help to unite an office, a classroom and, in fact, a house in an apartment, where it is convenient and pleasant for everyone to study, work and relax.

How the gamma curve helps you choose a projector or TV?

Choosing the best TV or projector, we often do not even suspect that the main conclusion on the eve of the purchase can be made if by some miracle we measure several of the most important parameters. One of them is the gamma curve, which will objectively show the color possibilities of the chosen model. Before you can clearly demonstrate how gamma affects the image in a projector or TV, it is necessary to delve into a little theory. The root of the problem lies in the fact that the human eye sees differently than a camera or any other device..

TV Videos.

Harper 50U660TS TV test.

A very solid TV with a large diagonal came to our test. It does not pretend to be a premium segment; it is a good “workhorse” that pays off every ruble invested in it. Harper 50U660TS is based on an excellent IPS matrix, the capabilities of which, in our opinion, can be more fully revealed in subsequent modifications. If you connect an external source with its own fine settings (for example, a computer or tablet), this matrix is ​​able to create a real virtual miracle in reality..

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