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Review: Virtual reality glasses BURO VR-368, black.

Review: Virtual reality glasses BURO VR-368, black.

Virtual reality is getting closer to us, the cheapest option is 3D glasses for smartphones, we will consider glasses Buro 368 such a box inside which you will receive glasses when you buy.

instructions, and a cloth for cleaning the lenses.

this is how the glasses themselves look on the left, you can see the grill with holes for sound output.

on top are lens adjusters for the right and left eyes.

the grille in which the smartphone is installed, the smartphone more than 5 inches is inserted end-to-end, holds tightly, but it is not very convenient to insert if you have a volume rocker on the side and will touch with a plastic retainer, then the sound will go to zero or at full volume.

What can be said about these glasses and about virtual reality itself or ordinary 3D, you will not see anything supernatural here, for a more or less good picture, the resolution needs 4k, even with FullHD the picture is not pleasant to the eye the pixels are visible, it’s not even worth talking about a lower resolution, although you can see the 3D effect, you can also note that you may have a headache and eyes, plus glasses can press on the bridge of your nose, the best option for watching a movie is lying on your back looking at the ceiling, it will go for fun for a couple of hours , or when you want to watch some kind of movie in 3D format, but so far this is just a toy, something incredible or some kind of breakthrough into virtual reality you will not see here. pros and cons +

you can adjust the distance to the smartphone.

plunge into 3d for 500 rubles, i.e. the price.

negatively, out of habit, the head and eyes may hurt, I do not recommend spending a very long time behind them at first, which is more than two hours.

An inconvenient smartphone mount is installed tightly, depending on the location of the rocker, it can crush them.

one of the adjusters is loosely fixed, which may move when the glasses are moved or shaken.

For curiosity or you like to watch 3D, you can take it, but it is advisable to have UHD resolution in your smartphone.

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