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Review of memory foam mattresses.

Review of memory foam mattresses.

The memory effect is inherent not only in metals or stones, but also in modern bedroom furniture. The twentieth century brought with it new synthetic fillers for pillows, mattresses and blankets. One of such materials is Memorix (English Memory Form). Such items of a bedroom set provide a special level of comfort and health during sleep and rest..

Astronaut suits were stuffed with this material over the years in order to remove the undesirable consequences of overloads, and in 1991 this material went into widespread production of light industry, they began to make memorix mattresses and pillows from it using Memory Form.

The RollMatress factory uses Memorix filler in the production of spring and springless mattresses and orthopedic pillows. We advise you to pay attention to the mattresses of the Memory Schaum collection, made of Memory Vita Foam blocks manufactured by the Vita Group (England).

Orthopedic mattresses with shape memory.

Adequate rest depends on how stretched your vertebrae, which are flattened during wakefulness. In this case, two mutually opposite tasks need to be solved: the mattress must be soft enough to avoid deformation and necrosis of the muscles, and hard enough to support the vertebrae in the desired position..

The surface of the shape memory mattress will remember all the curves of the sleeper’s body and the position of each finger. This is the best option not only for people who do not want to change their habits, but also for people with scoliosis, pain in the lumbar and cervical spine. Such mattresses are recommended to order for people with a fragile physique, pregnant women, people over 60 years old..

RollMattress factories produces spring and springless memory mattresses of various hardness and all sizes. The mattress relies on an appropriate mattress topper that can be easily changed and washed, which is ideal in shape and size to the mattress and does not move out of it during upside-downs and fidgeting in a dream or in reality.

Memorix pillows.

In addition to mattresses, there are pillows with Memorix filler, they are designed to raise the level of the head (this is necessary to relax the cervical vertebrae and psychologically calm down), but such a pillow will not allow lifting the head too high to prevent myositis and headache from compression of blood vessels and muscles, daytime load. Many customers ordering memory mattresses choose these pillows either right away or later order them in the color and tone of the mattress they bought..

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