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Review and comparison of Daikin FTXR and FTXZ.

Review and comparison of Daikin FTXR and FTXZ.

This Japanese brand, considered an innovator in the development of climate technology, has long won recognition and worldwide fame. Actually, we have already talked about this more than once in the framework of the Daikin assortment reviews. More recently, we talked about non-inverter models, then about relatively inexpensive classic inverter series, then about business-class air conditioners and design series Emura and Miyora..

Each manufacturer system – a small masterpiece characterized by efficient operation, low maintenance and long service life.

But among the wonderful and very high quality split systems of this brand, one stands apart. And it can hardly be called an air conditioner in the usual sense of the word. In fact, this is a whole climate system capable of performing absolutely atypical functions for such devices and, as a result, replacing several household appliances at once..

We are talking about Daikin Ururu Sarara air conditioners – a real revolution in the field of air conditioning. It radically changes our understanding of the possibilities of home sleeping systems..

Among its functions:

1. Heating and cooling of the room. Standard operating modes for such devices, for which we, in fact, purchase air conditioners. Only Ururu Sarara will do it much faster and more efficiently than others. 2. Sarara – air dehumidification. A slightly less common function. The air saturated with moisture seems to be warmer than it actually is, the so-called “steam room effect” is created – it becomes hot and stuffy. In conventional air conditioners, you have to constantly lower the temperature, increasing energy consumption and risking hypothermia, but this does not help either. Solution from Daikin – the ability to remove excess moisture from the air without lowering the temperature, using an internal heat exchanger and installing, as a result, a comfortable humidity for a person (40-60%). 3. Ururu – a unique feature not found in other split systems. No extra water tank that needs to be replenished constantly. Moisture is absorbed from the outdoor air and sent to the indoor unit. Thanks to this feature, the air in the apartment will not dry out even in winter, when heating devices (for example, radiators) are operating at full capacity. Humidified air is more comfortable and healthier. 4. Ventilation – mix of fresh air from the street. This is a rather rare feature. Conventional air conditioners simply drive air masses inside the room, and the oxygen content in them is constantly decreasing. As a result, the atmosphere becomes stuffy and unpleasant. But Ururu Sarara, even with the windows closed, can supply street air at a speed of more than 30 cubic meters per hour. At the same time, the set flow temperature is maintained..

Thus, by purchasing a Daikin Ururu Sarara air conditioner, you will provide yourself with a truly comfortable living environment..

Overview and differences between the FTXR and FTXZ series.

Let’s deal with the marking of Daikin models. The Ururu Sarara climate complex is presented in two series at once – FTXR and FTXZ. The brand is constantly modernizing its products, and the second series is essentially an improved and updated version of the first.

Their main features and functions are the same, but for a deliberate choice, the differences are also worth knowing.

Indoor unit design.

The FTXR is simpler and more traditional, while the FTXZ – refined and stylish. Its profile resembles a spread out Japanese fan (at least, the company’s specialists had just such an idea). In 2013, Daikin received the Red Dot award for the appearance of this series..


FTXR is charged with R410, the most common refrigerant today, FTXZ – more modern and safer R32. The latter is more environmentally friendly and does not affect the environment, provides greater energy efficiency of the air conditioner and its performance, and also does not require refueling during operation of the device.

Noise level .

The earlier series has a comfortable noise level, in some modes is only 23 dB – like a human whisper. But the latest line has surpassed this figure, its minimum is within 19 dB, so if you buy a Daikin FTXZ air conditioner, its noise will be barely audible even at night..

Capabilities .

Improvements to the FTXZ series include several more features and functions.

First, it is equipped with a backlit remote control. Probably, each of us faced the problem of changing the parameters of the device at night. – usually for this you have to turn on the light, which, of course, is not very convenient. The updated Ururu Sarara is devoid of this flaw. – everything can be done without getting out of bed.

Secondly, FTXZ implements such a useful function as a self-cleaning filter system. Over time, more and more dirt accumulates on the filters, which not only reduces the efficiency of air purification, but also leads to an increase in energy consumption. From time to time, the filters have to be removed and washed if they are reusable, or replaced with new ones if not. Otherwise, the appearance of a musty and unpleasant odor from the air conditioner is inevitable. The innovative automatic cleaning system eliminates the need for manual cleaning: a special brush will thoroughly clean the filters, and the dirt will be sent to the drive.

Thirdly, the updated Ururu Sarara is equipped with an intelligent system “Smart Eye”. The dual-zone sensor continuously scans the room, and if it does not detect any movement for 20 minutes, the split system switches to an economical mode of operation, saving energy. When people appear, your assistant resumes work in the established mode, and the air flows are directed away from people – the occurrence of diseases due to the fault of the air conditioner is completely excluded.

And finally, the FTXZ series gives the user the ability to control the operation of the complex at any time and from anywhere in the world using an online controller through a special application for iOS or Android. So if you buy a Daikin Ururu Sarara air conditioner, you can always organize yourself a comfortable environment in the house for returning from work or vacation..

Buy Daikin air conditioner – means to ensure flawless air purification in your home!

Everyone knows that a lot of dust always accumulates in any room. It contains particles of small debris, dead skin scales, hair, animal hair, pollen of plants, various microorganisms, including those that can cause serious diseases or allergic reactions in both children and adults. In addition, human activity implies the periodic appearance in his home of various odors: from cooking food, tobacco smoke, etc..

Daikin specialists have integrated a two-stage multi-stage air purification system, absolutely unprecedented in its efficiency, into Ururu Sarara..

1) Stage 1 – street block cleaning.

It is clear that the air outside the window, especially in urban conditions, is far from ideal: car exhaust, industrial smoke, pollen and other unpleasant components are contained in it in huge quantities. And we remember that in this split system, air is continuously supplied from the street. So, its cleaning begins in the outdoor unit, where a special catalyst removes most of the street pollution from it. As a result, it enters the room almost clean..

2) stage 2 – indoor unit filtration system. It is represented by several filters: preliminary. Most of such particles as dust, wool, hair, pollen settle on it; photocatalytic. It is able to decompose various chemical and organic compounds and microorganisms into safe components; 3) Flash Streamer. With the help of electrons, it breaks down all the remaining particles, such as mold, viruses, etc .; 4) deodorizing vitaminizing filter. Destroys unpleasant odors and saturates the atmosphere with hyaluronic acid, which has a beneficial effect on the skin.

As you can see, it is enough to buy a Daikin air conditioner of this series, so that the air in the apartment becomes not only comfortable and fresh, but also absolutely healthy and safe for any person..

Daikin Ururu Sarara – Compare Specifications.

Before purchasing a Daikin air conditioner, it is worth understanding its technical characteristics. The tables below clearly show the performance characteristics of both series..

As can be seen from the tables, the technical capabilities of these complexes are wide enough. They are very economical to maintain. belong to the highest energy efficiency class. Nevertheless, the productivity of their work is very high. – devices are able to reach the set temperature level in a matter of minutes.

Ururu Sarara can absolutely independently, without the help of any other heating devices, heat rooms at ambient temperatures down to -20°C. In general, the range of their operating temperatures is generally quite wide. This means that they will be able to work routinely in almost any Russian region, even taking into account the harsh or unstable climate..

Also split-systems of these series provide rather flexible conditions for installation. This means that you can buy Daikin air conditioner even for buildings of complex architecture or for placement in rooms with non-standard geometry..

Features and functions of Daikin’s Ururu Sarara of the FTXR and FTXZ series.

Of course, if you decide to buy a Daikin Ururu Sarara air conditioner, then in the end you will get the broadest possibilities for controlling the climate in the house, inherent in all premium split systems. – programmable 24-hour timer, a set of popular modes (night, economy, automatic and turbo), fan speed control, etc. In general, everything you need for convenient control and organization of optimal conditions for human comfort.

The improved air flow scheme assumes several operating modes of the blinds: they will provide an even distribution of air masses throughout the entire volume of the room without the appearance of dead zones or drafts.

The manufacturer has taken care of both the durability and safe functioning of the systems themselves. They are equipped with self-diagnostic functions, displaying an error code on the screen in case of failures or deviations from normal operation; auto-restart, resuming work according to the set parameters after power outages; protection against extreme temperatures, voltage surges and corrosion. The outdoor unit has an automatic frost defrost system, an excessive amount of which can significantly reduce the efficiency of the device..

It remains to add that unlike most models of this brand, as well as equipment from other manufacturers, Ururu Sarara climate systems are not produced in Asia or even in Europe. They come to Russia directly from factories in Japan. – and this means that you can be absolutely sure of the highest quality and durability of these systems, materials of their manufacture and components.

You just need to buy a Daikin Ururu Sarara air conditioner to understand what a first-class air conditioning system means for an apartment, home or office..

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