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Reception desk.

Reception desk.

Reception (reception desk) is one of the most essential attributes of a modern office space, which makes the first impression on company visitors. Therefore, it is very important that the furniture for the reception is not only functional and comfortable, but also kept in a single style solution with the main areas of the office..

The reception desk is used to designate the administrative zones of banks, offices, clubs, hotels, hotels. Its main difference from an ordinary table is its two-level system. To create a comfortable working area, the height of the top tabletop should be at eye level of a seated person and not exceed 120 cm. A higher reception desk looks impressive, but significantly narrows the viewing radius. Additional ease of use of some models of office racks is provided by the adjustable height of the tabletops. The length of the working surface also plays an important role. It depends on the area of ​​the office, the specifics of the enterprise and the need to serve several clients at the same time. Reliable reception desks are designed for compact placement of office equipment and office documentation, and their ergonomics ensures an efficient arrangement in small areas.

The reception desks have various configurations: straight, angular, semicircular, oval and wavy. When choosing a reception for an office, consider the layout and size of the room. Today, modular office furniture, consisting of several blocks, the number of which varies according to the needs of the company, is especially relevant. Modular assembly system allows empty office space to instantly transform into a reception area.

The company MARKS offers reception desks in stock and to order of various shapes and price categories. You can check the price and buy the reception in the most suitable configuration and color scheme in the sales office of our company.

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