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Rating of mattresses – TOP 5 best 2020.

Rating of mattresses – TOP 5 best 2020.

Orthopedic mattresses have been one of the most essential items in the bedroom for many years. Their presence contributes to a comfortable full sleep and complete relaxation. This, in turn, contributes to a surge of vitality, good mood in the morning and, importantly, has a positive effect on health. Today on the market there is a wide variety of mattresses that differ in their characteristics. So that you can easily choose the most suitable model, we have created a rating of the best mattresses 2020, which have proven themselves in the best way..

Rating of mattresses TOP5 2019-2020.

Askona Erudit Expert Evolution Askona Promice (Arion) Askona Saturn (Moco) Spine Health.

Further on each model from the rating of the best mattresses in more detail.

First place in the Erudit rating.

The Erudit orthopedic mattress with varying degrees of firmness (medium and above average) allows you to easily choose the most comfortable place to sleep for yourself. Height – 22 cm.Maximum load up to 140 kg.

It is based on a spring block “Hourglass Extra”, which is divided into 5 zones. The springs are not connected to each other, so that the body will always be in the anatomically correct position. This system contributes to softness and, at the same time, support and elasticity. To ensure above average hardness, a coconut board is used. This side of the mattress is suitable for people with back problems. An extra latex-based layer also adds softness and firmness. The mattress is reinforced around the perimeter.

The top of the item is covered with jersey treated with antibacterial silver-based impregnation. Note that each of the materials used in the production of the Erudit mattress has a high level of air permeability..

Second place – Expert Evolution.

The Expert Evolution orthopedic mattress with a medium firmness is considered universal, so you will definitely feel the true pleasure of sleep and relaxation. Product height – 23 cm. Permissible load – up to 140 kg.

At the heart of the independent block “Hourglass Extra”, which allows for the most accurate support for each part of the spine. You will experience full body firmness and support combined with extraordinary softness. The presence of additional coils in the springs contributes to the most accurate response to pressure changes. The necessary rigidity is created by a slab of coconut coir – an environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, breathable, durable material. Orthopedic foam adapts as precisely as possible to the contours of the body, providing a micro-massage effect.

The cover is made of jacquard, which is treated with a special antibacterial compound. Another important advantage – the Expert Evolution mattress provides enhanced back support.

Third place in the Askona Promice (Arion) rating

Orthopedic mattress Askona Promice (Arion), due to the average level of firmness, is considered the most versatile model. Product height 22 cm with a maximum permissible load of 140 kg.

The independent spring block “Hourglass” allows you to distribute the weight as accurately as possible. Despite the feeling of softness, this system provides elasticity and support to each part of the spine. 550 springs distribute the load precisely. Viscolatex provides special comfort during sleep, which has a service life of 20 years. The material, based on natural latex, reduces back pressure and also has a shape-memory effect. It contributes to the normalization of capillary blood circulation..

The upper layer of the mattress is developed on the basis of hypoallergenic fibers of holotech and orthopedic foam, as well as knitted fabric.

4th place Askona Saturn (Moco)

The orthopedic mattress Askona Saturn (Moco), due to its above average hardness, is resistant to overload and is suitable for people who have problems with the spine. Product height – 19 cm with a permissible load of 140 kg.

At the heart of the spring block “Hourglass”, consisting of 550 springs for one berth. This technology allows you to accurately distribute weight, as well as maintain the spine in an anatomically correct position. You will feel softness and, at the same time, firmness and support for every part of the body. The increased strength is created by a slab developed on the basis of sesal fibers. The material is obtained from the leaves of the Mexican agave. Note that the strength of such a slab surpasses even coconut coir. The mattress is reinforced around the perimeter.

The cover of the presented mattress model is made of soft jersey quilted with Orto Foam.

5th place Spine Health.

The Spine Health orthopedic mattress with increased firmness was created for those who value true comfort and convenience. Product height is 29 cm with a maximum permissible load of 140 kg.

At the heart of the 11-zone spring block, which provides the most natural position of the spine. Each part of the body receives support with the required rigidity due to the use of wires of different diameters. Orthopedic foam MediFoam has a micro-massage effect, prevents squeezing of capillaries, which creates all the conditions for proper blood circulation. The advantages of this material are increased air permeability, good antibacterial and antistatic properties, high strength indicators. Mattress box made of MediFoam.

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