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Large double beds as a symbol of a happy married life, comfort and restful sleep.

Large double beds as a symbol of a happy married life, comfort and restful sleep.

The first thing we think about when we talk about a bedroom is a large double bed. It is this piece of furniture that personifies the symbol of a happy married life, comfort and restful sleep. Being the central piece of furniture in the bedroom, a double bed should not only be beautiful, but also as functional as possible. A comfortable mattress and a large sleeping space will allow you to enjoy a good rest and recover your ability to work before a new work day. What features large double beds have and how to choose them correctly, we will tell you in this article..

3 types of large double beds.

The large double bed just can’t help but please. If the space in your home allows you to place this piece of furniture, be sure to do it. Sleep takes an important place in the life of every person. With the modern pace of life, it is very important to have a good rest. It is the models of large and very large beds that enable both spouses to fully relax without causing discomfort to each other. Spacious matrimonial beds received the prefix “king size”. There are three types of such beds:

“Queen size” – this is the name for large double beds, the width of which ranges from 160 to 180 cm. If you consider yourself a standard-build person, it will be very comfortable for two of you on such a large double bed. Married couples who do not have a large apartment choose this size.

The model has an increased size, so sleeping and resting on it will be more comfortable. Lonely people who spend a lot of time in bed also choose such a bed – a pet or laptop will fit in the free space..

All three “royal” models are an excellent choice for those who appreciate good rest and sound sleep. In addition, there is enough space on such a bed for a quiet pastime and relaxation – reading a book or watching a movie together with children..

The typical sizes of large double beds may vary depending on the country in which they were made. Some furniture factories give their models their own names, adding the prefix “king”.

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More about the sizes of large double beds.

Before you buy a large double bed, you need to decide on its dimensions. The following conditions are important for the calculation:

man’s height; age; preferred sleeping position.

If you like loose positions with arms outstretched and don’t want to disturb your partner, the double bed should be the right size..

Elderly people should have more space, so this nuance must be taken into account when choosing furniture for the older age category. Standard furniture sizes:

The dimensions with which modern models are labeled have two types of designations:

metric system – meters and centimeters are used as units of measurement, used by European manufacturers; English system – measured in pounds and inches, accepted in the United States.

The traditional size of a large double bed starts with dimensions: 200 x 150 cm, where 200 is the length of the bed and 150 is its width. The length can be from 200 to 220 cm, and the width from 180 to 220 cm.

When choosing a model, do not forget that the size of the berth is measured by the size of the mattress, and the bed itself is always a few centimeters larger.

Standard mattress sizes:

Model Length (cm) Width (cm) Double bed mattress 190-200 190-200 190-200 190-200 140 160 180 190-200 Round bed mattress has a diameter of 200-230 cm has a diameter of 200-230 cm.

To choose the right large double bed for yourself, calculate the length based on your height. With average parameters, there are no problems – the standard bed length for an adult starts at 180 cm.If your height is more than this value, just add 30 cm to it.Well, if you are a lover of high pillows and free poses, feel free to add another 10 cm.

Furniture manufacturers usually make large double beds with a length of 190 or 200 cm.Rarely, models with a length of 195 cm can be made to order.If you want to buy a bamboo bed, then its length is usually 220 cm.If you need a custom-sized bed, for you it will be made individually, but be prepared to make a significant surcharge.

The width of a large double bed is its transverse dimension, which is determined in accordance with its purpose. This model is designed for two adults or an adult with a child. Accordingly, there are single and one and a half beds.

According to the standards adopted by furniture manufacturers, the minimum width of the bed is 140 cm.This is quite wide enough to accommodate two people..

If you want space and comfort, choose a model with a width of 160 cm. This particular model is in constant demand among buyers. There are also modifications with a width of 150 and 170 cm on sale, but they are not bought so often..

If you need a bed of an individual size, it can be made to order for you, having developed a sketch in advance. Be prepared for an increase in the cost of work, and also take into account the fact that the mattress and bed linen of the desired size will also have to be ordered individually, and the cost will also be an order of magnitude higher than the standard.

Models of European manufacturers are wider than domestic ones, their size reaches 180 cm, and sometimes 2 m.

Tall double beds are a great design solution for small apartments. In this case, the increased bedside space makes it possible to rationally use it for the arrangement of storage boxes, for example, you can remove out-of-season clothes or bedding sets there. Having chosen this way of storing items, you just need to remember that the bed is primarily intended for sleep and rest, and only then for storage..

Manufacturers offer models of the following heights:

podium bed – height 45 cm; classic models – from 50 to 65 cm; antique styling – 90 cm.

The most common height for large double beds is about 50 cm. If you want to equip them with drawers for storage, you must plan a free space on the side where the drawers open or slide out. For a small room, this can be problematic, so manufacturers suggested bed models with a swivel mechanism..

In this case, things are placed inside the box, which serves as the base of the bed. Its canvas leans upward thanks to a reliable lifting structure with gas shock absorbers. Such a large double bed is very functional and will fit even in a very small bedroom.

Designers do not advise placing a high bed with internal drawers in a small room, since such a structure looks very bulky. Such a model will perfectly fit into the interior of a boudoir in the Turkish style, which has enough free space..

A sleeping place will look especially advantageous if you add a canopy and a large number of pillows. You should remember only about a sense of proportion, so as not to overload the interior with redundant details..

Not all people are satisfied with the range of standard sizes of large double beds offered by manufacturers. Someone wants to make a bed according to their dimensions, while someone is looking for a product that matches their interior in style. Non-standard models can be found on sale, but most often you have to order a project that will be developed and executed according to your desire. Such models include beds:

original form; with a unique design; with a berth size larger or smaller than usual standards; accommodating more than two people.

The usual width of a large double bed is from 140 to 180 cm.If the width of the bed is more than 2 m, this model is referred to as non-standard.

The round double bed is very popular. In the most modest version, its diameter is 220 cm, but there are larger models. If you have a spacious room, you can order, for example, a bed for sleeping with a diameter of 265 cm, the dimensions of the berth will be 200 by 160 cm.If the model has a backrest, then its dimensions will be even larger.

Before you buy a round bed, you need to think about how it will fit into the interior of your bedroom in terms of size and style. Not all design directions are compatible with such a model. If your bedroom is decorated in an ethno, loft or Scandinavian style, look for a product with a more traditional configuration. If your interior is designed in oriental style or art deco, the round bed will become its main decoration..

A large double bed will look great in a spacious room, but will become too bulky in a small bedroom. In addition, even if in size it fits well into the room, do not forget that the style solution of furniture and decoration should be kept in the same key..

Double beds with large headboard.

For lovers of a comfortable pastime, who like not only to sleep in their bed, but also to have breakfast or dinner, read and even work, a bed with a large soft headboard is perfect. It is not at all necessary that the headboard in this case will be a structural part of the product. Very often, this design is an independent element of the decor..

The classic color scheme is the one in which the headboard is upholstered in the same tone as the bedspread. If the shade of the upholstery is made bright and contrasting, the headboard, decorated in this way, will become the central accent in the design of the bedroom..

Despite the seeming massiveness and non-modernity of large double beds with soft headboards, the new models offered on the market meet all the requirements of ergonomics. Manufacturers complete their products:

boxes for things; removable covers that can be cleaned or washed; lifting mechanisms.

Plus, a high upholstered headboard is a great way to improve sound insulation, as modern apartments tend to have thin walls. An additional layer of padding as part of the upholstered backrest will dampen unnecessary sounds.

The shape of the soft headboard is very diverse, for every taste. Fans of streamlined lines can choose curly backs with rounded corners. For lovers of strict geometric interiors, headboards in the shape of a rectangle are suitable. You can also consider options with shelves. This is very convenient if the bedroom is small and does not fit a bedside table. The shelves can easily accommodate things that should always be at hand – glasses, a phone, a book.

1. Headboard options.

If you opted for a bed with a soft headboard, check out the approximate options on the modern market and their features:

Width Mounting method Height Material Framing Equal to the width of the bed Attached to the body Low Solid wood Unframed, completely soft More than the width of the bed Attached to the wall as a separate piece Medium height Chipboard, plywood Simple frame Hanging, fixed to the headboard frame High Metal, forging Shaped decoration, nickel or gold plated options.

Some designers single out the bed with a curved headboard as a separate element of the interior. At the same time, it can carry the function of delimiting zones in the room, fencing off the bed, for example, from a wall or window. In this case, the width of the headboard can be much wider than the frame, constructively separating the bedside tables as well. In the case of such a design solution, the headboard serves as a unifying element for the entire set of furniture in the bedroom..

The latest, “advanced” option for lovers of comfortable rest are models, the headboard of which can be adjusted in height and inclination. It changes its position using a mechanical or electrical drive, allowing you to choose the most comfortable position. Multiple backrest positions (from vertical to horizontal) will give you maximum comfort when reading or watching TV. Such large double beds are extremely comfortable for people who have to spend a lot of time in bed due to illness..

The head of the bed, covered with finishing material, should be in harmony with the rest of the decoration of the room, textile decor elements – bedspread, curtains, pillows – should be combined with each other in color. For upholstery, leather or finishing fabrics are used – cotton, velor, chenille. The upholstery material can be fixed or in the form of a fabric cover, which can be cleaned or washed if necessary.

Let’s take a closer look at the upholstery options:

Leather is a universal and the most preferred material for covering – it lasts a long time, is easy to clean, has an aesthetic appearance, and is very environmentally friendly. Traditionally used in both modern and classic interiors. Decorating fabrics such as silk, tapestry, velvet are preferred by designers who decorate interiors in the Baroque style. The headboards in the style of royal palace furniture are complemented by figured frames with gilding, creating luxury and sophistication, and set the tone for the entire interior. Precious fabrics for interior decoration in the Empire style. The traditional color combinations of velvet and silk – red, white-gold and blue – create a unique flavor and a bohemian atmosphere. For modern interior styles, velor upholstery is often used. Practical and pleasant to the touch, the material is resistant to fading and does not collect dust. Dry cleaning allows such models to maintain a well-groomed appearance for a long time. In addition to the texture of the upholstery material, various stitches and ties play a decorative role. When decorating beds, a type of screed called “capitonne” or “carriage screed” is often used. The finishing material is sewn in a certain order using buttons from the same raw materials, resulting in a pattern in the form of three-dimensional rhombuses or squares. “Capitone” gives a very effective look to leather and fabric finishes and is in constant demand among buyers.

If you decide to buy a bed with a soft headboard, give preference to upholstery that will not cause you problems with care. If there are small children or pets in the house and regular cleaning is problematic, choose options with a removable cover that can be easily washed or replaced. When choosing upholstery made of leather, certain rules must be observed – distance from heating sources, direct sunlight and sharp objects. Genuine leather is preferable to eco-leather, as it is easier to repair, but has a higher price.

What else to consider when choosing a large double bed.

So, if you decide to buy a large double bed, once again evaluate all the disadvantages and advantages of your choice. Now the stores have a rich assortment of furniture, so focus on the parameters that are important for you:

Bed Width – The choice will depend on the size of your bedroom, your age, and your preferred sleeping positions. The length of the bed – your height will be the deciding factor here. For a comfortable sleep, it is recommended to add 30 cm to it. Location in the bedroom – it is important to make correct measurements and think over the placement of the bed in relation to other pieces of furniture in order to make optimal use of the usable space. Units. When ordering a bed, it is important not to be mistaken with this, because the English system of measurements differs from the metric system, which means that you risk getting a model of the wrong size, which you expected. Don’t forget the mattress and bedding. They must match the size of the purchased frame. If directly in the store you cannot stop a choice on a certain model, lie down on all in turn! This will help you to correctly assess the size of the bed, the degree of softness of the mattress, the comfort of the headboard and decide on the purchase. If you cannot find a standard size mattress for your height, it would be more correct to order it individually. The costs will not be much higher, but you are guaranteed to create maximum comfort for yourself. When choosing the material from which the bed is made, preference should be given to natural wood. Durability, strength, environmental friendliness make it the undisputed leader. Most often, oak, ash and beech wood is used for the manufacture of beds. Mattresses from Europe do not fit American beds and vice versa. In order not to be mistaken with the size, buy beds immediately complete with a mattress from one manufacturer.

The nuances of double beds for heavy weight.

When choosing a bed, people with a lot of weight should take into account the fact that not all models are designed for excessive load. Therefore, in addition to the standard length, width and height, it is necessary to take into account such an indicator as the maximum load on the furniture..

Furniture manufacturers have anticipated the needs of big people and now offer specially designed models with a reinforced frame for them. In terms of other parameters, such as appearance and convenience, these models are in no way inferior to conventional ones..

In addition, sometimes in conventional models, the lattice base, which may not support the additional weight, is replaced with a solid surface made of wood. Also on sale you can find models with a metal base on which sheets of laminated MDF are laid.

Additional support legs add strength to the bed structure. Their usual number in standard models is from 4 to 9 pieces. Therefore, in order to increase the reliability of the product, manufacturers increase the number of support legs..

The base of many bed models consists of wooden slats, the function of which is to evenly distribute the load over the entire area of ​​the bed. If the bed is purchased for a person with a large weight, the width of the slats should not be narrower than 6.8 cm, the distance between them should not be more than 5 cm.Moreover, these plates are reinforced with metal elements to make the structure stronger and more reliable.

If you still have doubts about the durability of the product, consider the option of a podium bed. In addition to the fact that such models have sufficient width, the mattress in them rests on the entire surface of the base, which is actually an element of the floor structure and, therefore, can withstand significant loads.

Summarizing all of the above, we can highlight the main criteria for choosing a large double bed for people with a lot of weight:

increased structural strength; resistance to deformation; the ability to withstand additional long-term loads; the presence of additional reinforced orthopedic elements.

The mattress also plays an important role. Standard models, by their design, are designed for a weight of no more than 120 kg per berth, therefore, with a more significant severity, such a mattress will sag, not provide the necessary comfort and quickly become unusable.

Mattresses for large people must be designed to withstand the extra load. Products in this category are produced by many manufacturers and are available for sale in a fairly wide range. Their thickness is not less than 20 cm.The estimated mass for which they are intended is from 120 to 170 kg.

Reinforced mattresses do not collapse, they distribute the mass in such a way as to unload and relax the spine. To achieve this goal, materials that increase rigidity are used – coir coir, sisal fibers, high density foam, as well as reinforced springs..

Methods for making reinforced mattresses are as follows:

the use of more springs; production of springs of increased rigidity from wire with a large cross-section; use of foam of a given density.

Finally, about the largest double beds in the world.

Modern furniture manufacturers produce beds in a wide variety of sizes and modifications, from mass-produced models to exclusive piece items. To promote both sales and make their brand recognizable in the world, some of them create incredible designs.

So, the largest bed in the world was made by a Swiss corporation. Its dimensions were 11.5 m in length, 7.5 m in width and 3.7 m in height. The sleeping area is truly impressive. So far, no one has managed to try this exhibit in practice..

Another giant bed, 3.81 m wide and 5.79 m long, on the contrary, pleases with its spaciousness the visitors of one of the hotel rooms in the Netherlands. The bed is designed for 8 people, and the room is very popular among city guests who are very happy to test this bed..

Also, designer beds periodically appear, created, for example, in the form of a nest, or entirely knitted from yarn. These items are more related to contemporary art than just pieces of furniture..

Large double beds are deservedly the most popular on the furniture market. They suit both couples, there and single people. “Royal” sizes will be the best choice for people with a lot of weight. In addition to the increased dimensions, these models have a strong frame, a reinforced mattress and the ability to evenly distribute the load over the entire area of ​​the berth.

Photo selection of beautiful large double beds.

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