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iPhone XS Max: review, specifications, photos.

iPhone XS Max: review, specifications, photos.

iPhone XS Max is Apple’s 6.5-inch smartphone unveiled at a special event on September 12. iPhone XS Max has a huge 6.5-inch OLED display, a system powered by the revolutionary Apple A12 Bionic processor, 4GB of RAM, an advanced dual vertical camera and many other features. The iPhone XS Max sales start date is September 28, 2018. In this material, they talked in as much detail about the flagship of the Apple iPhone XS Max in 2018.

Options – Apple stingy again.

And if it’s short? The package bundle of the iPhone XS Max was an unpleasant surprise. The smartphone does not come with a 3.5mm to Lightning adapter, but the saddest thing is that it comes with a 5W charging adapter. To quickly charge the iPhone XS Max, smartphone users will have to make additional expenses – as much as five thousand rubles.

In appearance, the packaging of the iPhone XS Max is the most common for Apple smartphones – a rectangular compact “brick”. But the content is not. The iPhone XS Max comes with:

EarPods with Lightning Connector, Lightning to USB Charging Cable, 5W Charging Adapter, Documentation.

Not a lot, and compared to last year’s iPhone X, there are fewer accessories at all. Apple did not include a 3.5mm to Lightning adapter in the iPhone XS Max box. Because of this, listening to music on the iPhone XS Max on your favorite headphones with a 3.5 mm connector will not work, you will have to buy an adapter separately.

But the most annoying thing about the iPhone XS Max is the lack of a high-power charging adapter. Despite numerous rumors and analysts’ predictions, Apple ships the iPhone XS Max with the most common 5W charger. Charging a smartphone with such an adapter will take two whole hours..

If the buyer of the extremely expensive iPhone XS Max wants to use fast charging, which the smartphone has support for, then he will need to buy a charging adapter and a special cable for it. All the necessary accessories will cost a little more than five thousand rubles..

Of course, we can say that for buyers of a smartphone worth more than one hundred thousand rubles, such expenses will turn out to be insignificant. However, all these are excuses – the lack of a modern charger in the box with the “most innovative smartphone of the year” frankly disappointed Apple fans..


And if it’s short? The new iPhone XS Max is correctly called the “iPhone Ten Es Max”. In Russia, the name “iPhone Ten Es Max” has stuck..

As soon as the new 6.5-inch Apple smartphone was not called before the presentation. During the year, the new product was predicted by various names, ranging from the iPhone 11 Plus, ending with something completely unusual like the iPhone Pro. However, Apple really planned to name new items outside the box..

As the leak pointed out three weeks before the presentation, the 6.5-inch Apple smartphone of the 2018 model was called the iPhone XS Max. For the first time, Apple changed the “Plus” to “Max” prefix in its smartphones. This is explained by the fact that with this name the company emphasizes the enlarged display of the smartphone. While the “Plus” models have a 5.5-inch display, the iPhone XS Max has a much larger 6.5-inch display..

In addition, the name indicates that the iPhone XS Max is an all-improved s-version of the original iPhone X. The smartphone is not a completely new generation. By the way, according to rumors, the next fully-fledged new generation of iPhone is planned only for 2020, and there will be a huge number of improvements in the new products.

On hearing the name iPhone XS Max sounds unusual. The smartphone must be called “iPhone ten es mex” – this is the official version of Apple. But Apple fans will, of course, call the model differently. In Russia, a name like “x es max” may take root.


And if it’s short? By design, the iPhone XS Max differs from its predecessor iPhone X only in a decently increased size and a new gold color of the case. Otherwise, we have a very familiar smartphone..

The fact that the iPhone XS Max is the direct successor to the iPhone X is clear at first glance. The design of the smartphone practically does not differ from the “dozens”. The model has a case, traditional for Apple smartphones, rounded at the corners, made of two glass panels and a stainless steel frame between them. Glass is protective, and iPhone XS Max has improved glass protection compared to iPhone X.

The connecting frame is highly scratch resistant. In the direction of a similar frame in the iPhone X, there were few complaints, allegedly, the frame gradually climbed. Despite the fact that there were few such reviews, Apple still improved this component. Just in case. IPhone XS Max has been color coded using a unique PVD coating method for a glossy finish.

The overall shape of the iPhone XS Max has not changed from the iPhone X. The body still feels slightly elongated. This feeling comes from the full-frame display with minimal bezels, which the iPhone XS Max has an all-time record large. The enlarged body of the smartphone should not negatively affect the usability. The dimensions of the iPhone XS Max are only marginally larger than those of the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus and are 157.5 x 77.4 x 7.7 mm. Smartphone weight – 208 g.

The iPhone XS Max is essentially the iPhone 8 Plus, but with a modern display with seriously reduced bezels. Last year, the same definition was applied to the iPhone X. The smartphone was slightly different in size from the iPhone 8, but because of the new display it looked completely different..

Literally on the entire front surface of the iPhone XS is a huge 6.5-inch display with minimal bezels. The screen looks really big – before, there were no displays of this size on Apple smartphones. The company managed to enlarge the display and maintain acceptable dimensions by reducing the bezels. The side and bottom bezels “got” the hardest of all – they are hardly noticeable. The upper bezel is made in the style of iPhone X. It is an “island” with large cutouts on the sides.

The arrangement of elements on the body of the iPhone XS Max is standard. On the right side there is a power button and a SIM card tray, on the left side there are volume control buttons and a sound mode switch. At the bottom of the speaker grill and the traditional Lightning connector. Apple did not move to USB-C, although there were prerequisites for this. The top is empty.

The overall design of the iPhone XS Max is identical to last year’s iPhone X, but Apple has made sure that the smartphone is not recognizable only by its size. The iPhone XS Max came out in three colors at once: gray, silver and a completely new gold. The company has never used such a golden color in its devices. Compared to the previously used gold color, the new color is more saturated..


The screen is a key feature of the iPhone XS Max. The smartphone received a huge 6.5-inch OLED Super Retina HD display. The aspect ratio of the display is 18: 9, the resolution is 1242 × 2688 pixels (pixel density per inch – 458 ppi). For comparison, the screen resolution of the iPhone X is 1125 × 2436 pixels. Due to the increased resolution, developers will have to adapt their applications and games for the new Apple flagship.

The display of the iPhone XS Max occupies more than 82% of the front surface of a smartphone. This is a record figure for Apple smartphones. It was achieved by significantly reducing the bezels around the perimeter of the display..

The screen of the iPhone XS Max is very bright and contrasting. Brightness is 625 cd / m², contrast ratio is typically high for OLED displays – 1,000,000: 1. Such indicators make working with a smartphone comfortable in any conditions. Even outdoors on a sunny day, viewing any content or reading text from the iPhone XS Max display will be a pleasure..

The display is equipped with support for Apple’s proprietary True Tone technology. A six-channel light sensor is responsible for the technology. It adjusts the temperature of the image depending on the illumination – the changes take place automatically. At first glance, they are almost invisible, but testing shows that the difference is really tangible. In addition, the screen supports HDR10, Dolby Vision and P3 extended color format.

Comparison of the display of the iPhone XS Max and iPhone X.

Comparison of the display of the iPhone XS Max and iPhone 8.

Comparison of the display of the iPhone XS Max and iPhone 8 Plus.

Comparison of the display of the iPhone XS Max and iPhone SE.

The iPhone XS Max display has a wide color gamut with system-level color management. Also, the screen is equipped with an advanced color management system that automatically displays content in wide digital format.

There’s a lot of work done on the iPhone XS Max to improve the sound system. The stereo speakers of the smartphone are 50% louder. This is especially audible when watching movies in Dolby Vision and HDR formats, which are available both in the iTunes Store and any other services presented on the iPhone, including ivi and Amediateka..


For the performance of the iPhone XS Max, the system is based on the Apple A12 Bionic processor. This processor is special in every way. The chip is based on the revolutionary 7nm FinFET process technology, which has never been seen before in any mobile processor. The same iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X use the A11 Bionic chip, created using a less advanced 10nm process technology..

It is noteworthy that Apple’s competitors will not be able to install processors of similar technology in their smartphones soon. Most chip manufacturers have serious difficulties in creating new generation processors, due to which their mass production has been postponed until at least mid-2019..

The new A12 Bionic processor, built using an improved process technology, gives iPhone XS Max unmatched performance. iPhone XS Max can rightfully be called the fastest smartphone in history, along with the 5.8-inch iPhone XS.

The A12 Bionic is equipped with six cores. Two cores are responsible for performance, the other four for efficiency. When the iPhone XS Max is running a “heavy” game or complex task in one of the applications, the productive cores are turned on at full power. They are also helped by energy-efficient cores, making any task faster..

When a user uses the iPhone XS Max for everyday tasks, then the core of efficiency is exclusively working. They are powerful in and of themselves, so it is impossible to notice any delays in performing everyday tasks. This approach allows the iPhone XS Max to last longer without the need for recharging. Reducing the power consumption of the A12 Bionic chip compared to the A11 is 50%.

The A12 Bionic also integrates a new graphics processor developed by Apple. The quad-core video chip uses lossless compression technology, opening up new possibilities for users to play and work. In particular, the game The Elder Scrolls Blades, shown at the presentation of the iPhone XS Max, will be launched at the maximum schedule exclusively on the new Apple smartphones..

The last major feature of the A12 Bionic chip is the Neural Engine, which is capable of executing five trillion instructions per second. The Neural Engine is responsible for self-learning of the A12 Bionic processor and further use of the received data in various functions of iOS 12. For example, for instant photo search, which begins even before entering the request.

With a new chip, the iPhone XS Max runs up to 50% faster than the iPhone X. Performance is improved everywhere. iPhone XS Max gets things done faster, from launching apps and games to video editing. Interestingly, the iPhone X didn’t seem like a drag at all, but the iPhone XS Max took the speed to a higher level..

Along with the performance in the A12 Bionic chip, energy efficiency is also improved. The processor uses significantly less power to complete tasks, which is directly reflected in the battery life of the iPhone XS Max. The smartphone became the record holder among all iPhone models in terms of autonomy.

The amount of RAM in the iPhone XS Max has also been increased compared to the iPhone X. It is equal to 4 GB. The increased amount of RAM will help the iPhone XS keep dozens of applications running freely, but most importantly, it will ensure that the updated camera works fast. In addition, 4 GB of “RAM” will enable developers to create applications and games previously unavailable on the iPhone due to lack of performance.

Built-in memory.

The iPhone XS Max doubles its maximum storage capacity. The record set only last year (256 GB) has already fallen. The iPhone XS Max will come in three configurations: 64GB, 256GB and 512GB of storage. There were almost no reviews of the iPhone X shortage, but Apple decided that having as many as 512 GB of available space in stock would be very useful for many..

Battery and charging.

iPhone XS Max has the most capacious battery in the history of Apple smartphones. The iPhone XS has a lithium-ion battery of 3174 mAh. Not many people know that the record was held for many years by the iPhone 6 Plus – 2915 mAh. No other Plus model nor the iPhone X beat it. And the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max did it.

The iPhone XS Max battery is made in the style of the iPhone X. It consists of two cells connected to each other and has the shape of the letter L. Thanks to this solution, Apple not only increased the battery capacity, but also updated the location of components inside the smartphone body.

The battery life of the iPhone XS Max is also record-breaking. It can last an hour and a half longer than the iPhone X without the need for recharging. The largest smartphone in Apple history will last a full 25 hours of talk time..

At the same time, the iPhone XS Max charges very quickly. The model supports fast charging, which allows you to replenish 50% of the battery in just 30 minutes. Considering that the battery capacity has increased, the preservation of this possibility can also be called a plus of the smartphone. IPhone XS Max Wireless Charges Noticeably Faster Than iPhone X, Even With Bigger Battery.

Water resistant.

The iPhone XS Max has also improved in terms of water resistance. Toughened glass and surgical stainless steel frame allowed Apple to equip the giant with IP68 water and dust resistance.

This means that the iPhone XS Max will calmly stay at a depth of two meters for 30 minutes. Previously, the iPhone was IP67 water and dust resistant, which is less reliable..

Face ID.

iPhone XS Max supports Face ID, powered by the TrueDepth camera system, Secure Enclave, and the Neural Engine. Due to the latter, Face ID constantly learns to identify changes in a person’s appearance, which allows Face ID to always correctly identify the owner of the iPhone.

Face ID in the iPhone XS Max has been significantly improved over the iPhone X. The point projector in the TrueDepth camera system continues to create a face map from 30,000 points, with no change. However, the Secure Enclave module in the latest A12 Bionic processor has received significant changes. It verifies the user’s face with the saved card much faster. Because of this, the face recognition and verification process is noticeably faster. The speed of Face ID was directly influenced by the A12 Bionic processor itself, which became significantly more productive.


The rear camera of the iPhone XS Max in appearance practically does not differ from that used in the iPhone X. But you should not judge by the clothes in this case – all the changes are inside. The dual vertical camera of the iPhone XS Max with a six-element lens has a resolution of 12 + 12 megapixels. Wide angle lens aperture – f / 1.8 telephoto lens – f / 2.4. The camera supports 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom. Both modules support optical image stabilization.

Portrait mode, which allows you to capture photos with depth-of-field effects, has been significantly improved in the iPhone XS Max. First of all, blurring the background is much more accurate. Apple achieves this with a new camera sensor and support for the A12 Bionic processor.

Equally important, the portrait mode now supports the new Depth function. It allows you to adjust the blurring of the background in any portrait photo after taking it..

But perhaps the key feature of the iPhone XS Max camera is the new Smart HDR mode. When shooting in this mode, the smartphone’s camera uses accelerated sensors and the full power of the new signal processor. This allows you to maximize detail in the darkest and lightest areas of the image..

Notable changes have taken place for video recording as well. In addition to improved shooting quality, iPhone XS Max cameras can shoot video by recording stereo sound. Since the smartphone itself has stereo speakers installed, it will be possible to fully view and listen to such videos right on the iPhone..

Sample photos on iPhone XS Max.

Daytime shooting on iPhone XS Max.

The detail in the footage captured with the iPhone XS Max is amazing. You should especially pay attention to places in the shade – even in them, with sufficient lighting, it is easy to see the smallest details.

Remarkably, the detail does not drop much depending on the distance of the object, which is clearly shown in the photo below..

When shooting against the sun, the frame does not lose detail.

The iPhone XS Max camera retains a key differentiator from previous iPhone cameras. Colors are rendered very honestly – the smartphone is not engaged in artificial tinting.

Another example of how honestly the iPhone XS Max camera renders colors. It is interesting that many, comparing the iPhone XS Max with other smartphones, remain dissatisfied with the fact that the frames on the Apple smartphone are more “dim”. However, they are not dull at all. It’s just that smartphones from other manufacturers, in particular, Chinese ones, apply filters to photos right during shooting..

Capturing moving objects with the iPhone XS Max is a pleasure. No blur or any other defects.

Portrait mode on iPhone XS Max is even better at capturing people, but noticeable improvements are visible when shooting subjects.

Night shot on iPhone XS Max.

Night photos on the iPhone XS Max are great, especially if you “hook” on any backlit objects.

However, even without a lot of artificial light, it will be possible to achieve an acceptable result..

Sample Videos on iPhone XS Max.

Example of daytime shooting.

During the day, the iPhone XS Max will shoot amazing videos with the highest detail and honest color reproduction..

Night shot example.

The iPhone XS Max’s camera captures great videos even in low light. Please note that due to the lack of lighting in the videos below, the overall picture does not suffer and obviously noticeable flaws are not visible..


The front camera of the iPhone XS Max has a resolution of 7 megapixels and an aperture of f / 2.2. The key features of the front camera are the Portrait mode for taking selfies with the effect of depth of field and support for various portrait lighting effects. The portrait mode for the front camera in the iPhone XS Max received the same improvements as for the main camera: improved bokeh and the function “Depth”. Also, the front camera is equipped with a new advanced video stabilization function..


iPhone XS Max is a unique smartphone for Apple, only the thought of which 5-6 years ago would have caused only a grin. However, Apple is following the general trend and continues to increase the displays of its smartphones. As a result, we have the most expensive, largest and longest-lived iPhone ever made..

The record holder iPhone XS Max has everything at the highest level, from design to incredible speed and amazing cameras. The only serious disadvantage of the novelty is the price. It scares off buyers a lot and makes the smartphone inaccessible to many. By the way, the idea that for the basic model of the iPhone you will have to pay 100,000 rubles the same 5-6 years ago and would have led to a fit of laughter..

But these are the realities. The new iPhone XS Max is gorgeous, but it costs a lot. Rating – 9/10.

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