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How to choose a plastic cabinet for a balcony, an overview of models.

How to choose a plastic cabinet for a balcony, an overview of models.

Balconies are considered to be areas rarely used by property owners for any purpose. Often, no repairs are even done there at all, but this is considered an impractical solution, since the free space of a given room can be effectively used for different purposes. Usually a pantry is made from the room, for which plastic cabinets are installed on the balcony, which have numerous advantages and have a low price.

Features of the.

Plastic cabinets installed on the balcony perform several functions at once:

filling of free space is ensured, therefore a multifunctional piece of furniture is installed in the room; if a spacious wardrobe is bought, then it is used to store numerous objects and things, so they do not clutter up the space on the balcony, and are also hidden from view and laid out in an optimal order in various compartments of the structure; plastic products can have different colors, therefore, a model is selected that has the optimal shade, which allows you to completely make a balcony in a unique color scheme.

Many people are repelled from such a purchase by the material of the cabinet’s production, since they believe that plastic does not have optimal strength and reliability, but modern high-quality products are made from special alloys that guarantee durable furniture that can withstand strong shocks, constant exposure to sunlight, temperature changes , exposure to moisture and other factors.

It is plastic products that are optimal for a balcony, since their advantages include:

resistance to ultraviolet light. The balcony usually has large windows, so it is not possible to hide various objects in this room from the sun’s rays. Plastic structures will not fade or melt at high temperatures if really high-quality models are chosen; resistance to high and low temperatures. Usually the balcony is an unheated room, therefore, it is required that all objects are resistant to a low temperature or its change; attractive appearance – due to the ease of processing of the material, special technologies are used for the manufacture of various plastic products. This leads to the fact that numerous cabinet models can have different sizes, configurations, colors and other interesting characteristics; spacious and versatile – a cabinet equipped with many storage systems and additional elements is chosen for the balcony. They allow you to store a lot of things in this structure, therefore, various furnishings in living quarters are released..

The above advantages apply exclusively to the most reliable and high-quality structures made of modern alloy. Cheap structures can melt under the rays of the sun or collapse with minor mechanical shock..

Types of structures.

Plastic cabinets for the balcony are available in different models, each of which has its own characteristics. In accordance with the design, the following models stand out:

free-standing, which can be located in any part of the room along its wall. They are usually large in size and have numerous compartments for storing items. Not suitable for small balconies; built-in – they are chosen for certain niches and compartments found on almost any balcony. Their choice should be approached deliberately, since their size should ideally fit the existing area in the room. The advantages of using such models include the fact that they take up space that usually remains unused at all, therefore, significant savings in space on the balcony are guaranteed; corner – are chosen for small rooms, where it is necessary to save even insignificant square meters. They can have different sizes and content. Different models are available for any balcony.

When choosing such a plastic cabinet, additional attention is paid to the existing facades. Doors can be:

swing – such designs are becoming less and less in demand. This is due to the need for a fairly significant space in front of such a cabinet for opening the doors. Therefore, the substantial usable area of ​​the room cannot be used for any useful purpose. The advantages of such doors include a long service life, tightness of closing and the ability, when they are opened, to get free access to inspect the entire contents of the structure; roller shutters – a wardrobe with such doors has a high cost. The advantages of such doors include the absence of the need for a free space in front of the cabinet. Usually these elements are made of aluminum, which is resistant to sunlight and moisture. This is especially true for unheated rooms. Installation of roller shutters is considered a simple process, and they can also open to different heights. They are easy to wash and do not fade in the sun; accordions – such doors save space in front of the cabinet. They have an unusual design, so they can decorate any balcony. The disadvantages of using such doors include the fact that they do not fit too tightly to the interior item, therefore, the thermal insulation parameters deteriorate significantly; coupe – this option is convenient and practical. Suitable for wide balconies, fits well into the interior and decorates any space. The downside is the occupation of the useful space of the cabinet.

Thus, plastic products are considered the best choice for any balcony. They are presented in many forms, which allows you to choose a model according to the taste of the direct user.

Accommodation rules.

The choice of the location of the structure depends on the size and shape of the balcony itself. Additionally, it is taken into account what features the plastic cabinet has. The most frequently chosen installation locations are:

in the corner of the balcony – for this, a special corner cabinet is purchased that fits perfectly into the existing area of ​​the room. It can have different heights, and also its two parts can differ in width; in the niche of the room – if there are certain recesses or niches on the balcony, then they can be filled with a cabinet. Often it is not possible to find the optimal design for the space, so people prefer to create a plastic cabinet on their own. In this case, the walls of the niche will act as the walls of the cabinet, which will save on materials. High quality plastic doors are selected that can be opened in different ways. Shelves and compartments are also created for storing various things, and they must be firmly fixed so that they can withstand significant loads from various objects; along the wall of the balcony – this option is often chosen, as it is suitable for almost any balcony. If the room is narrow, then the depth of such a cabinet should be small..

Thus, choosing a place for installing a plastic cabinet is quite simple, but you should first evaluate the features of each option..

How to care.

Plastic is considered an easy-to-maintain material, therefore, to maintain an attractive and ideal appearance of the cabinet, the following rules of care are taken into account:

dust can be wiped with a soft damp cloth; various contaminants are removed with a cloth with soapy water, but you cannot use hard brushes or scrapers that leave significant scratches on the surface; it is not allowed to place hot items on the shelves; if an inexpensive cabinet is purchased, then it must be protected from direct sunlight, since due to the high temperature it can begin to melt; it is undesirable to install large-sized items, since inexpensive plastic may not withstand significant impacts, so cracks or chips will appear on it.

If, with careless handling, scratches remain on the cabinet elements, then they cannot be removed by restoration or any other similar actions..

Nuances of choice.

To choose the perfect plastic wardrobe that has the best price and high performance parameters, the selection rules are taken into account:

high quality plastic; the presence of numerous storage systems; affordable cost; optimal dimensions for the selected installation site; attractive colors; suitable design; ease of opening.

Thus, plastic cabinets are considered an excellent choice for a balcony. They have many advantages and are presented in various models. They are easy to care for and multifunctional. If you can’t choose the right model, it is allowed to do the process of creating a structure with your own hands..

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