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Children’s clothes hangers: how to arrange convenient storage.

Children’s clothes hangers: how to arrange convenient storage.

For storing children’s suits, shirts and outerwear, children’s clothes hangers are ideal, complemented by a film cover that protects the wearable from dust and accidental pollution. Clothes hung on children’s furniture with a cover wrinkle less. Hangers with covers can be made in the form of ordinary hangers or floor stands of various designs.

The main advantage of various models is that you can always find a copy that fits perfectly into the already formed interior of the children’s room. In addition, floor hangers have sufficient mobility and can be easily moved and placed in any free place in the children’s room..

Features of baby clothes hangers.

Functionally, a children’s hanger for storing coats, jackets, skirts and shirts is no different from adult models. Usually they have a smaller size, original “play” design and brighter, often thematic, decoration.

Due to the lower weight of outerwear items, the design of this category of furniture can be lightened and made more openwork. However, an additional condition when choosing this furniture accessory is the requirement that the hanger, and especially the hanger, correspond to the size of a particular item of children’s clothing..

Therefore, even adjustable models and convertible products have to be updated more frequently than adult designs. In addition, due to the limited size of the nursery room, many parents, when arranging it, prefer to use ordinary wall clothes hooks (which can be nailed to the bar), complemented by hangers with covers.

When choosing a hanger, special attention is paid to the following parameters:

matching the design and color scheme to the age and gender of the child; environmental friendliness and sanitary and hygienic safety of the materials used; cost indicators – with a fairly frequent update of these furniture accessories, parents prefer to purchase cheaper models; injury safety of furniture – products should not have sharp, protruding corners, and if any, it is necessary to insulate with protective overlays or injury-proof coatings.

Various designs.

A suit floor hanger for any clothing item looks original, with extended functionality and versatility. This product is quite practical and mobile and can not only be installed, but also adapted (formatted) to the individual interior of the children’s room..

Mobile (on wheels or roller supports) floor samples are no less convenient for storing suits, jackets and skirts, the functionality of which can be expanded by using auxiliary structural elements (crossbars, crossbars, additional beams for hanging clothes) and supplementing it with clothing hooks and hangers. The model shown in the photo is produced by the Dutch commercial and industrial holding “IKEA International Group”, which is famous for its simple, relatively inexpensive products that have increased functionality.

Wall-mounted specimens for rooms where children spend a long time are usually a wooden, horizontally located bar on which clothes hooks are fixed. These products allow you to hang two changes of clothes – school and home. Moreover, for a school jacket, the hook can be supplemented with a hanger. More complex wall products are usually not used in the nursery, but are hung in the hallway or corridor..


Despite the constantly changing furniture design, the use of more modern materials, dress (wardrobe) wardrobes still retain its relevance. Massive cabinet wardrobes were replaced by more versatile sliding wardrobes or niches with sliding doors.

However, any copy of a modern closet for storing clothes accessories and linen in a nursery must have a compartment for storing clothes, pants and skirts in a hanging state. At the same time, the furniture industry, like many years ago, produces hangers for hanging coats, raincoats and jackets. The design of these products is quite simple..

The classic model is a metal hook embedded in a wooden crossbar with rounded edges. Today, these accessories are made from various materials, ranging from the classics – wood and injection steel wire, covered with a protective paint, polymer or anodized layer.

The choice of a particular pattern depends not only on the size, but also on the type of wearable and their style. Currently, the following types of hangers are used to hang children’s clothes:

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