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Choosing furniture for an apartment, each person starts from their preferences in terms of design. It must be remembered that furniture should not only be beautiful, but functional and safe. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the basic rules for choosing furniture.

Shelves – multifunctional fixtures.

Bookshelves are an indispensable attribute of home decoration. Design ideas for the rational use of space completely turned the idea of ​​this element of furniture arrangement in a living room or bedroom.

A wide range for any interior.

A modern bookshelf is a well-thought-out design, consisting of cells, partitions, sections of various configurations. There can be a large variety of their options: linear, twisted, asymmetric, zigzag.

Shelves are never closed, and all things placed on it will be in plain sight and at hand. Most often they are used to store books, jewelry, beautiful dishes, toys. Decorative interior items will look very beautiful on them. As a material for the manufacture of products, manufacturers choose chipboard or MDF.

From the catalog of the Maximus store you can buy inexpensive bookshelves in Novosibirsk. We can offer wall or wall options as decorative elements and furniture attributes..

Prefer a minimalist approach to interior decoration? Note the linear bookshelves on the wall. For lovers of extraordinary design, we can offer creative models that attract attention with their intricacy..

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