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Book shelves: how to choose and install correctly.

Book shelves: how to choose and install the right one.

Among home furniture, book shelves occupy a special place. With their help, you can not only organize additional space for books and little things, but also transform the interior of your home. They come in various designs, differ in installation methods, and various materials are used for their manufacture. The experts of the online magazine will tell in this review about the types of bookshelves, the features of their installation and will share the secrets of self-production.

Types of bookshelves and shelves with photos.

Wall mounted bookshelves.

Wall-mounted shelves are commonly used to store books, periodicals, figurines, photo frames and other household items. Mounted models are very convenient to use, since their installation does not take much time, moreover, they do not require special conditions of use.

This type of shelves is hung on the walls of rooms, kitchens and other areas of the house. Usually they are mounted at a height of 1.5 m from the floor level, which allows you to free up a small part of the space in the premises..

Classic wall-mounted bookshelves.

Classic shelves are suitable for any modern design styles of interior decoration. Making them yourself is not difficult at all, since they have an uncomplicated design and are easy to manufacture..

Wall corner shelves.

Corner models are an excellent option for wall-mounted shelves for books. They allow you to fill the usable space and place the library, as well as various interior items. A feature of this type of piece of furniture is that they are mounted simultaneously on several walls in the room. Corner shelves can be of indoor and outdoor type.

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Floor shelves for books.

The shelves are not only wall-mounted, but can also be installed on the floor. For these purposes, there are special legs in the design. To give the shelves more stability, they can be fixed to the wall, especially if they are tall and not wide. Floor models are made in the form of pyramids, whatnots, separate cells, interconnected, screens and shelves. This type of shelves is often used to divide the space of rooms into several zones..

Floor furniture section from separate cells.

Book shelf Montessori.

If you briefly describe what bookshelves on the Montessori wall are, this is a kind of stand on which you can place a large number of various printed publications (as well as toys and other household items). They are either suspended or floor shelving. On them, books are placed with the front side (hard cover) or in a suspended state.

Floor-standing version of the book stand Montessori.

Such designs are very convenient to use, since they allow you to display, for example, children’s books and magazines, and not waste time searching for the desired copy. The structure can be built independently and installed anywhere in the apartment: children’s room, living room or hall.

Different types of Montessori shelves.

Advice! For the production of racks, both floor-mounted and mounted, a board, wooden or plastic containers, textiles, etc. are used. The shelves are simple in design, do not require special assembly skills and the presence of a large number of locksmith tools.

Portable shelf for books.

Portable structures are convenient for their mobility and can be installed in various places of the home. The most commonly used types of shelves and racks are:

folding structures; side racks; structures on wheels; ladder shelves.

Piano-shaped movable section.

Mobile book units can be made from various materials and household items. For example, an old trolley with wheels or a suitcase, which can be easily moved within the dwelling if necessary, is suitable for these purposes..

Examples of movable book shelves.

What materials are bookshelves made of?.

Wooden bookshelves.

One of the most popular types of materials used for the manufacture of shelves and book shelves is natural wood. She has proven in practice its practicality and excellent performance. From the board, you can make both classic shelves and sections in various modern styles..

Natural board rack.

Since wood has a beautiful texture and is easy to process, beautiful furniture products from it can be made with your own hands. As for the coating for wood, the board can be left without it, covered with wood stain and varnish, as well as various types of paints.

Metal shelves for books.

Metal is also widely used to make all kinds of structures for storing books and household items. This material is characterized by increased strength, and products from it are obtained original and reliable in operation..

Hinged metal shelf.

As a rule, metal is used for the production of prefabricated and solid shelving, hanging and floor sections, forged products and others. The price for them, in comparison with analogues made from other materials, is slightly higher. There are various options for shelves and racks on sale, which are easy to assemble with a minimum set of tools..

Plastic and glass models.

Shelves, tables, shelves, book sections made of glass and plastic are used to store a home library. These materials are perfect for the concept of almost any type of modern interior..

Plastic sections for the library.

Products made from these materials have a wide variety of design forms and methods of their installation. For example, glass shelves can be wall-mounted or floor-standing. They also go well with metal fasteners, moreover, these materials are able to make any shelf beautiful, functional and original..

Shelving constructions made of glass shelves and metal.

Plasterboard bookshelves.

From drywall, you can make multifunctional racks and shelves for placing books, magazines, children’s toys and other household items, which will also become an original piece of furniture. Structures made of this material allow, in the literal sense of the word, to completely replace bookcases, and the cost of their manufacture is significantly lower..

Plasterboard rack for books.

To make an original design, you can add lighting elements. The installation process is not particularly difficult. First, the frame of the future rack is created from a metal profile with a galvanized coating. After that, using self-tapping screws, drywall is attached, putty and painted in the desired color. To give the structure strength, it is recommended to mount transverse stiffeners.

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