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Board game Elementary! Secrets of a Millionaire.

Board game Elementary! Secrets of a Millionaire.

• Courier delivery – 179 rubles, free in Moscow and St. Petersburg from 7000 rubles. • Delivery across Russia: pick-up points and checkpoints from 249 rubles. Across Moscow, Mosk. region and St. Petersburg -179 rubles. until December 7 – 99 rubles. ->, over 7000 rubles. is free. Until April 28, delivery through PeakPoint with a 50% discount for an order of 1500 rubles. Details on the promotion page.

A detective game for mystery lovers. Difficulty: medium. Part of the series of board games Elementary!

Availability for delivery:

Type of delivery Availability by Russian Post (5–14 days) Yes ADD TO CART At the parcel terminals (1–3 days) Yes ADD TO CART Courier in Moscow Yes ADD TO CART Courier in St. Petersburg Yes ADD TO CART.

Availability in stores in Moscow (pickup):

Store address Availability Belorusskaya Yes IN CART Novokuznetskaya Yes IN CART Chkalovskaya Few IN CART.

Availability in stores in St. Petersburg (pickup):

Store address Availability Gostiny Dvor Yes ADD TO CART Komendantsky prospect Yes ADD TO CART.

Description of the game.

Publisher: Lifestyle Author: Martí Lucas Feliu, Josep Izquierdo Sánchez Illustrator: Alba Aragon Game Series: Elementary!

Board game components Elementary! Secrets of a Millionaire Crime Growth. Sherlock Holmes has no free time – murders, thefts, insidious machinations and cunning scams are found at every turn. All these cases are waiting for someone who can figure them out. Have you already dealt with 13 hostages, found a missing person and investigated a laboratory fire? The authors of a series of detective quests Elementary again have something to please you!

Investigation department. You can study any story both independently and in a large company, because the rules allow you to simply play a puzzle at your leisure or solve a criminal in a cooperative format. In any case, you will come across a lot of evidence, testimony, notes and clues – some of them will help to restore the events, while others are completely irrelevant..

Selection of data. The main thing is to understand what information can be neglected and do not forget to send extra cards to the discard, so that at the end of the game you do not get a penalty, but be able to answer the questions asked. When all the useful information is laid out on the table, the players mentally reproduce the situation step by step and try to identify the culprits, and then open cards with a red frame. After finding out how everything was in reality, victory points are awarded..

Until the case got loud. Three new stories await you this season. In a dysfunctional area of ​​Paris, an unknown person knocked down a famous millionaire to death. This case is best solved as soon as possible, before the ubiquitous journalists emerge. How did Vincent LeBlanc end up on this street and what did he not tell his wife? Where Mrs. Hudson would have gasped, Inspector Lestrade backed down, and Dr. Watson got lost in conjectures, Sherlock Holmes would say again: “Elementary!”

The composition of the board game Elementary! Millionaire Secrets Included: 37 Cards and Game Rules.


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