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15 best face creams with natural ingredients.

15 best natural face creams.

More and more women prefer organic cosmetics based on natural ingredients without the addition of harmful substances and synthetic fragrances. Given the demand for such products, manufacturers are constantly expanding their range of products. Including face creams. Now it is not difficult to find a truly natural remedy at an acceptable cost in any cosmetic store. As for creams, they are very different – for all types of skin, moisturizing, nourishing, anti-aging, sunscreen and even BB creams that perfectly replace classic tonal foundations. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the rating, which includes exclusively natural organic creams.

The best moisturizers and nourishing creams with natural ingredients.

Creams with natural ingredients nourish and moisturize the skin much better than products with synthetic ingredients. They are less likely to cause allergies, do not carry any negative consequences from prolonged use. Among organic products, there are universal, anti-aging, mattifying and other creams..

5 LEVRANA “Aloe Vera”

Russian-made cream based on natural ingredients is suitable for day and night use, it will be useful for any skin type. Its composition is selected in such a way that it performs two tasks at once – hydration and nutrition. It contains natural oils of olive, coconut, apricot, extracts of aloe, kelp, violet, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and much more. This is a universal cream for any age – it will help against excessive dryness and oily content, against wrinkles and irritation..

Judging by the reviews, most women like the cream. They note a pleasant texture, fast absorption, good hydration and nutrition. The product does not leave a film on the face, has a slightly specific, but pleasant herbal odor. The skin becomes soft and tender after use. But there are also several drawbacks – sometimes women complain that the cream clogs the pores, is not consumed too sparingly, and is packed in an uncomfortable tube..

4 Zeitun Premium Masdar Rich Hydrating Cream.

Hyaluronic acid and a mixture of organic oils, selected in the right combination and the right amount, literally save dehydrated skin from dryness by saturating it with moisture. The composition also contains wheat proteins that trigger active recovery processes. In addition to moisturizing, the cream smoothes fine wrinkles, increases skin turgor, restores its elasticity. Active composition – oils, hyaluronic and lactic acid, glycerin, panthenol, urea, vitamin E. All the best and exclusively natural.

Reviews of women confirm the effectiveness of the cream. It really moisturizes the skin very well without having an oily texture. The product is suitable for use at any time of the year, makes the skin soft, velvety, moisturized. The aroma is light and natural, the consistency is pleasant, the sensation of a film on the face does not remain. The only drawbacks are the high price and not very successful design of the dispenser.

3 WELEDA “Pomegranate”

An expensive but completely natural product that has proven itself in the fight against the first signs of aging. Anti-aging agent rich in organic oils – shea, organs, jojoba, macadamia, olive, pomegranate seeds. Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, the cream smoothes wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, protects it from negative external factors, and gives a healthier, radiant appearance.

Women call the main advantage of the cream the compliance of the manufacturer’s statements with reality. The skin becomes firmer, younger and healthier. And it is pleasant to use the cream – delicate consistency, pronounced but natural aroma without synthetic flavors, easy absorption and quick effect. After the first application, the skin becomes smooth and velvety. Of the minuses, only the high price.


Not all organic cosmetics are expensive. An excellent example is the cream of the Russian brand ORGANIC KITCHEN with pronounced moisturizing properties. It does not contain harmful substances, the basis is made up of organic components, and this at a cost of about 100 rubles per jar! The main components are hyaluronic acid, extracts of Kamchatka snowdrop and white grapes. The light texture makes the cream suitable for all skin types, but it does the best job of moisturizing..

Women leave a lot of good reviews about this cream. They call the main advantages a pleasant aroma, light consistency, and quick absorption. The tool quickly removes irritation, redness after frost or sun and other discomfort. After application, the skin becomes soft and tender. The only thing is that not everyone likes the smell, some consider it too sweet..

1 NATURA SIBERICA “Care and hydration”

The already popular Russian brand of organic cosmetics offers a high-quality day cream, which is especially suitable for owners of oily and combination skin. It contains many natural extracts, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid. The cream nourishes, moisturizes, mattifies the skin, makes it more elastic and even has a sunscreen effect, although this is not its main purpose. The tool is quite popular and purchased. The manufacturer warns that when applied, a slight tingling sensation may occur – this is normal, due to the increased content of hyaluronic acid.

Many women find this to be one of the best creams for oily skin. After application, a pleasant matte finish lasts all day. The advantages also include a pleasant aroma, convenient packaging and economical consumption. Of the minuses – not suitable for normal and dry skin, causes peeling.

Best Natural BB Creams.

BB-cream is a successful mixture of decorative and care cosmetics. If there are no pronounced imperfections of the skin, it completely replaces standard dense foundations. Light consistency, complete absorption, no feeling of a mask or film on the face, nourishment, moisturizing and softening of the skin – for all these features, BB-creams fell in love with women. And among organic cosmetics, you can find very successful options..


Less than 150 rubles for a fairly large 100 ml jar is a very advantageous offer. And the manufacturer’s description is tempting – masking imperfections, even complexion, lightening effect, durability throughout the day. Caring properties are also declared – moisturizing, nutrition, protection from negative external factors, normalization of the sebaceous glands due to rice powder.

In fact, this is a really good moisturizer, but, according to women, it has nothing to do with BB creams. The masking effect is weak, barely noticeable – it does not hide wrinkles, bruises under the eyes and redness, but gives a healthier skin tone. The cream is suitable only for girls with good skin who want to moisturize it and even out the color a little. The consistency is greasy, absorption is slow. But some women use it as a base for foundation, they believe that it is ideal for this..


Natural BB cream from the French brand will help not only instantly improve skin tone, but also preserve its youthfulness. It contains anti-aging ingredients – pomegranate seed oil and iris extract. With daily use of the product, the skin acquires elasticity, small wrinkles are slightly smoothed, the face contour is tightened, that is, the cream has a lifting effect. This is both a good foundation for those who value maximum naturalness, and an excellent care product..

The cream, according to women, is really good. It perfectly evens out skin tone, covers redness well, hides bruises under the eyes and traces of fatigue. It will not save you from excessive dryness, its moisturizing properties are not so pronounced, peeling may be noticeable. But in general, it softens the skin perfectly and copes with the decorative function very well..

3 NEOBIO 7 in 1.

Even if you study the composition of this BB-cream in detail, you will not be able to find unnatural, harmful substances in it. These are truly excellent quality organic cosmetics. BB cream acts as a light foundation, moisturizing and nourishing properties. It is offered by the manufacturer in just one shade, which is considered universal – the cream really easily adjusts to the natural skin color. The manufacturer promises a lot – care, masking redness, wrinkles, sun protection, matting.

In fact, BB-cream copes with almost all the promises of the manufacturer. It really adjusts to almost any skin color, masks small imperfections, and has good care properties. He has only one feature that most women do not like – a very thick, heavy consistency. The cream is hard to spread over the skin and is instantly absorbed, so it has to be applied quickly and accurately. Some recommend mixing it with a regular moisturizer..

2 SATIVA No. 66 SPF 15.

Natural BB Cream performs three tasks at once – toning, nourishing and sun protection. It contains only organic components – a lot of oils, plant extracts, which are responsible for the excellent care properties. The cream has a light powdery texture, is well distributed over the surface of the skin, ideally merges with the complexion, making it smoother and healthier. When applying, it must be borne in mind that the final shade appears in 15-20 minutes..

The cream is offered by a young brand, is not cheap, but, nevertheless, it is already quite popular among connoisseurs of natural cosmetics. Many women think this is the perfect BB cream. It adapts to the natural skin tone, is invisible on the face, does not accentuate flaking, and does not clog pores. The composition is not only good, it is excellent – all the ingredients are selected in such a way as to provide adequate nutrition and hydration. It does not oxidize, does not blur, does not create the feeling of a mask on the face, it lasts all day. Therefore, in addition to the high cost, it is impossible to find serious flaws in it..


One of the most successful Russian-made BB-creams is quite expensive, but justifies the high price with excellent quality. A completely natural composition provides deep nourishment and restoration of the skin, and an excellent hiding power hides redness, not too pronounced age spots, masks and eliminates flaking. An additional plus is sun protection and a very light texture. This makes the BB cream ideal for the summer months. It can be used by women with any skin type..

The most important advantage of a woman is the naturalness of a cosmetic product. It has a very delicate, weightless texture, a pleasant herbaceous aroma, is completely absorbed, adapting to the skin tone. It will not hide strong imperfections, but evens out the complexion, masks small redness. Immediately healthier, glowing skin looks.

Best sunscreens for face.

Under the influence of ultraviolet light, the skin ages faster, so in the summer it is advisable to use creams with sunscreen properties before going outside. The ideal option is natural cosmetics. It will not cause allergies, not only protect the skin, but also make it look better with regular use. The manufacturers of organic cosmetics have taken care of this, and at the moment the choice of such products is quite large..

5 BIO-BEAUTY “Lady Royal”

The composition of this cream is completely natural, it will not be possible to find a single harmful component in it. Protection from the sun is provided by physical filters – titanium dioxide, DNA gel and zinc oxide. Enhances the action of raspberry, coconut, almond and shea seed oils. They, in combination with various plant extracts and essential oils, provide nutrition, hydration and restoration of the skin. The cream starts cell regeneration, restores the water-salt balance, softens, relieves irritation. It is designed specifically for urban conditions, therefore it does not form a film, it is easily washed off with warm water.

Some women call this cream a godsend among sunscreens. It is lightweight and comfortable, quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving any whitish marks, and at the same time has a fairly high level of protection. The cream is consumed sparingly, smells pleasant, and additionally provides tangible care. Only the high enough price is upsetting.

4 WHAMISA Organic Flowers.

Korean cosmetics delighted women with a unique sunscreen based on flower enzymes. It is a completely natural remedy with a physical filter – zinc oxide. The cream does not contain any additional chemical filters, however, it perfectly protects the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays, prevents photoaging. Enzymes of lotus, dandelion, chrysanthemum and natural oils of olive, mango, avocado and grape give caring properties to the product..

The cream is expensive, belongs to premium natural cosmetics, but some women think that it is really worth the money. Very light, despite the presence of physical filters, it is completely absorbed into the skin, leaving no whitish streaks, has a light unobtrusive odor. The cream is not greasy, does not create a greenhouse effect, nourishes and moisturizes well. Of the minuses, only a very high price.


One of the strongest organic sunscreens is produced by the Russian brand KLEONA. It has an SPF 50 protection level and is perfect for people with sun-sensitive skin. The main active ingredients are panthenol and shea butter – they moisturize and nourish the skin, while mineral filters prevent photoaging processes. The composition is completely natural and safe, there is not a single unwanted substance among the ingredients. The cream has practically no smell, does not cause allergies.

Women find this cream especially good for two reasons – the high degree of protection and the absence of a whitish coating on the face after application (this is the fault of many sunscreens). The product is quickly absorbed, after which you can use any cosmetic products, including tonal foundations. For all its advantages, the cream is quite affordable compared to some similar sunscreens..


For dry, sensitive skin, a Belgian sunscreen with aloe vera gel is ideal. It has a delicate texture, spreads easily, is well absorbed without leaving a film, and is not washed off with water. Avocado and karangi oils provide nourishment throughout the day, softening and relieving dryness. Protection level SPF 30 allows you to stay in the sun for a long time.

According to users, this cream really works very well for people with pale, sensitive skin. It moisturizes, nourishes, protects, does not irritate and does not create a film-like feeling on the face. The skin continues to breathe despite its waterproof formula. The cream is not only safe, but also useful – it prevents photoaging, preserving youth for a long time.

1 ECO SUNCARE Natural Protection.

Natural and high quality polish cream will make sun exposure safe. Thanks to its waterproof formula, it will stay on the skin all day long. The cream is offered in two versions with a protection level of SPF 15 or 30. Natural oils, plant extracts, rich in natural antioxidants will prevent skin aging under the influence of not only ultraviolet radiation, but also other negative factors. In addition, they will take care of the skin throughout the day, providing it with nourishment and hydration..

Women consider the cream to be of high quality and effective. It is really natural, good for the skin, suitable for daily use. Its smell is pleasant, unobtrusive. Some users new to organic cosmetics get frustrated when they discover the separation of white flakes and oily liquid. But this is a normal phenomenon, which is eliminated by actively shaking the tube..

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